We need your help for a Minivan

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One of the problems with transporting large numbers of childrenĀ and volunteers is that you need a lot of space. Baan San Fan is in the middle of nowhere so getting kids to school, picking volunteers up from the airport and visiting beaches and parks is difficult with a 4-seater truck. At the moment we manage with a little Thai ingenuity (as you can see in the photo). But there are two problems;

  • This is a dangerous way to transport children.
  • The truck has already exceeded its normal life and has just passed 600,000KM (370,000 miles) on the clock.
  • The truck is already 12 years old and repairs are expensive. Soon they will become impossible.
  • Like in most of the world fuel costs are high in Thailand ($1.50 a litre) and the truck is not very cost-effective.

Obviously this is a very expensive item and would need a marathon fundraising effort. We appreciate all donations no matter how small towards this.