Rainy Season at Baan San Fan

Rainy season is almost over and we’ve had some volunteers staying here at Baan San Fan in the last few months, Hanne and Helene (Norway), Ling (Singapore), Morgane (France) and myself, Darren (Isle of Man). We’ve been helping out with the chores and the farm, keeping the kids entertained over the school holidays, and hiding inside during the sudden downpours, mostly playing Zombie! The kids are back at school now so I have a bit of time to give you all an update.

The chicken farm has 500 egg laying hens, Gai is very busy travelling up to Bangkok to get orders for the eggs, 300 baby chicks, various chickens, geese and turkey. There’s also 5 catfish ponds that are pretty yucky to clean out, had a water fight with Mak and Pang. We’ve been clearing and weeding areas to plant more veg, collecting the palm oil fruit, and building a fence to allow the chickens space to roam.

Ta was working full time at the farm but has had to leave for his 2 years service in the army. Kluay is studying law in Bangkok and June was studying public health at university in Phuket, but due to lack of funds this year has stayed here as head chef, we are hoping to raise enough funds for her to return in 2 weeks and for Kluay to continue.

The others (Chris, Mak, Pang, Mai, Fa, Num, Som, Tawan, Kaly Ta, Rung) are all back at school, happy and well. Pang and Kaly Ta love my hammock!  Jason and his family popped round last week to see the kids and take them swimming at the waterfall.

This is such an amazing place, Baan San Fan is nothing like an orphanage, yes, all the kids have lost or have had to leave their families which is very sad, but instead of ending up in the care of an orphanage, they’ve found a new family instead. Gai and Sam love these kids as much as their own, and all the kids take care of each other, this is now their home.

We will be starting 2 fund raising campaigns soon, for more hens and funds for university, more news to follow shortly.


  • Maureen Owens November 5, 2014 at 5:34 pm Reply

    Hi Darren, great photos, the children look very happy.

  • Zaarah Hyatt November 5, 2014 at 7:39 pm Reply

    Awesome and the children are very happy

  • Sheena Lee November 8, 2014 at 8:43 am Reply

    Hi Darren

    Great work! Informative article and lovely pictures.

    I’m planning on spending a couple of weeks at the orphanage in December (hopefully with a longer stay in February next year), so I found your post really helpful in identifying what I could contribute to whilst I’m there.

    I’ve had an exchange of emails with Gai, spoke to an English girl, Lucy, who has volunteered 3 times over the last couple of years, and hope to firm up my arrangements in the next week.


    • Darren November 20, 2014 at 7:18 am Reply

      Hi Sheena,

      It’s great that you will be joining us, the kids are amazing, and Sam and Gai are lovely. You’ll have a great time here!

      Please spread the word and encourage your friends and family to buy our products and donate towards buying more hens.


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